Al Gore: a lot to be concerned about

I see an awful lot to be concerned about regarding Al Gore’s potential run for the presidency. With as much baggage as he has, even from a realpolitik perspective, I’m not sure he’s electable. And there seems to be at least some evidence that he’s downright psychopathic, a “snake in a suit.”

From conservative websites, here’s what the Rovian types have to work with —

On global warming, Gore’s film carries an unambiguous call for good citizens to limit their energy consumption. Yet Gore himself lives in a gigantic mansion that consumes 20x the national average, and regularly travels by private jet. His excuse is that he buys carbon credits, but it turns out he buys them from a firm that he directs, and owns some undisclosed large percentage. So he’s essentially buying his indulgences from himself. This issue has some resonance with me — I would hate to try to explain to those of my friends who are living in little cardboard domes and riding bicycles everywhere they go, why they should support Gore rather than keeping to their anarchist principles and staying home on election day.

World Net Daily takes credit for defeating Gore in his home state of Tennessee in 2000. If Gore had won that state, he would have won the Electoral College. It’s some sort of local scandal involving phony cattle and the “Hillbilly Mafia,” and a surprisingly large percentage of Gore’s income at the time. Supposedly the scandal was picked up by various small-town newspapers. I have no idea whether there’s anything to this.

And then there’s the Chinese espionage, influence-peddling and campaign contributions scandal, which could get really nasty, especially if anyone ever proves Gore knew what was going on.

From the far left, as usual, the issues seem more substantive. Cockburn & St. Clair of Counterpunch were motivated to write a book, “Al Gore: A User’s Manual”, chronicling Gore’s career. I’m going to buy this book, and read it, before I discuss Gore much more. Here’s their book introduction:

[begin quote]

What sort of a man is Al Gore? What’s his real political record? This is the first unsparing look at the man whom his parents raised from birth to be president of the United States. Inside these pages, you will find:

* How Al Gore and his father got on the payroll of one of America’s most ruthless tycoons, Armand Hammer
* How Al Gore has relentlessly exploited his sister’s death and son’s accident for personal political advantage
* How Al Gore violated the most basic journalistic ethics by helping the cops run a sting operation on a black politician in Nashville
* How Al Gore played midwife to the MX missile
* How Al Gore became a soul brother of Newt Gingrich
* How Al Gore race-baited Jesse Jackson and introduced George Bush to Willie Horton
* How Al Gore shopped his vote in support of the Gulf War to get prime-time coverage for his speech
* How Al Gore pushed Clinton into destroying the New Deal
* How Al Gore plotted to stop Democrats from recapturing Congress in 1996 in order to keep his rival Dick Gephard from becoming Speaker of the House
* How Al Gore leached campaign from nearly every corporate lobbyist in DC, and broke pledge after pledge to protect the environment

[end quote]

4 thoughts on “Al Gore: a lot to be concerned about”

  1. If Gore does ‘decide’ to run and manages to make it to the general election, the outcome will once again be a rigged choice between Dweedle Dee and Dweedle Dum. The historical Gore family ties reveal him to be the exact same kind of insider troll as W, Poppy, and BubbaHilly.

    Of course, one has to swim against the Postmodernist tide to examine the long term import of such things as the Gore family connection to Hammer (also discussed in Epstein’s “Dossier”) and Occidental Oil. Identically parallel to the philosophical and familial connection between today’s neoconmen and Trotskyism, using the Platonic Noble Lie (Drury), Hammer walked the ideological and political tightrope between hard core Marxism (oops Stalinism) and ruthless megacapitalism, right in direct view of American and Soviet intelligence.

    To anyone with their head out of the sand (us), these political and ideological dialectics are fraudulent false dichotomies used to deceive and steer the gullible masses. The Gore push for Man Made Global Warming (MMGW) follows the same MO, with Bushco’s footdragging providing the superficial appearance of an opposition, one which is collapsing with the assistance of cherry picking the institutional whores of science. That a major block of evangelicals has recently been convinced to switch its view on Global Warming is only one more indicator of the continual elite control over the evangelical Low Church, in latter days vis-a-vis the End Times scam of Cyrus Scofield (once again counter to Postmodernist cant) and the Oxford University Press. The larger schema is to convince the gullible that MMGW exists, the appearance of a now failing opposition serving to lend credence to the phony position.

    The false dichotomy here is that Global Warming does exist, but rather for a completely different primary and natural causality. This is what the elites of the world want to hide from the masses for several reasons.

  2. No_st_ranger,

    I wonder if it’s really possible to sort out the primary and/or secondary causes of the nominal amount of Global Warming we’ve seen so far? If anything, the amount of warming is a little bit less than most models would predict purely based on the increase of CO2.

    You might enjoy this transcript of a debate on NPR in which Michael Crichton, Richard Lindzen and Philip Stott thrashed three consensus scientists on the topic of whether Global Warming is a crisis. The interesting thing about this debate is that the organizers polled the audience before and after the debate, and there was a very substantial swing of opinion. I often get discouraged and think that no one ever changes their mind on anything.

    Click to access GlobalWarmingDebate.pdf

  3. Well, that was indeed very interesting, I’m shocked NPR allowed it to air.

    It does appear some people are capable of discerning when the ‘experts’ are selling them a bill of goods. This dependance upon the ‘consensus’ is typical MO, the incomplete climate models are near useless for prediction, and the MMGW proponents can dismiss out of hand any data, e.g. the effect of cosmic rays on cloud formation, and claim that they are scientific?

    What made me want to puke though was the Clintonic appeal to save the children. Then they raised concern that Battery Park would be submerged, while admitting at the outset that climate change was a constant of nature.


    Well, Jerry, the above link (thanks again to Grabbe) should be the nail in the coffin for MMGW, but most likely wont. There is mucho profits to be made in the rush to go Green. Not that there is anything wrong in doing so for it’s own sake. But this manufactured hysteria has provided a safer platform for the big players to position themselves favorably at the transitional feeding trough.

    And if we are really heading for a GC instead of a GW, then perhaps much will be wasted in making wrong decisions.

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